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Windows XP Profesional EvoCodeName® x86(32bit)
[ · Скачать удаленно (1.93 Gb) ] 27.04.2009, 21:26
" Eliminated Components of an XP: Almost NOTHING
" Components villages: the new version of SP3 from Microsoft that fixes problems networking among other things, all DRIVERS PACK except for the video that come within a folder on the DVD. It has auto Programs, which we will not be useful uninstalled.
" Programs and some Accessories: 2 technology, the new scheme sounds and cursors to choose, pack Net Frameworks, IE7, WMP11, Hotfix, latest updates SP3 official and other unofficial, DirectX, Flash, Silverlight, WindowsSideBar, and some programs .
" Integrated Drivers: It has all the drivers (SATA, LAN, WLAN, CHIPSET, SOUND, CPU) with the exception of drivers VIDEO coming within a folder on the DVD.
" System Architecture: x86-based 32-Bit
" Installation Method: Only Boteandolo, Meter CD> Restart> Push Button (recommended format is not the NORMAL FAST).
" Totally neglected intervene alone in her choice of the partition
" Method for Burn the ISO image: It is recommended to do so with or IMGBURN UltraISO to 2X for greater fidelity.
" ****** of Corporate GOLD (you can upgrade without any problem)
" Connections increased to 5000 for not saturate the modem and increase brings more instability in many cases the connection.
" The programs included are auto installed or if it is to say that if we installed it without asking anything, I think we are all the basics that we use in an OS and we do not serve the uninstalled.
" folder on the desktop with some utilities and their instructions.
" Link directly to our Web by clicking on the right TEAM
" System Restore is disabled by default but we can re-activate it within the properties of TEAM
" The default is not running Windows updates so far have been integrated as well as all the Firewall but we can activate them normally.
" Internet Explorer 7 optimized to accept 10 connections as well as limited only to keep the story for 10 days and a cache of 20MB Max among other things.
" This time the unnecessary drivers will be deleted automatically after installation.
" Environment Visual Totally RENEWED no longer so many icons of Vista.
" Greater stability since it did not take off almost anything.
" There was no service disabled.
" Contains. TXT with some recommendations.
" Ability to choose between different types of sliders, sounds, themes and funds within the panel screen.
" New images from loading OS and logon and installation
" New options window shutdown

Auto programs:
7-Zip 4.57
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
Adobe Reader 9
Adobe Shockwave Player
Alky for Applications
CCleaner 2.12.660
Everest Ultimate Edition V4.60
Image Resizer
Image Shack
Java 6 Update7
Net Framework 1.1 SP1
Net Framework 2.0 SP2
NET Framework 3.0 SP2
HotFix Net Framework 3.5 SP1
MaxFirefox 3.0.1
Notepad + + 5.0.3
Language Pack Net Framework 1.1 SP1
Language Pack Net Framework 2.0 SP2
Language Pack Net Framework 3.0 SP2
Language Pack Net Framework 3.5 SP1
Revo Unistaller 1.7
TuneUp Utilities 2008
UltraISO Premium 9.0
VideoLAN VLC 0.8.6i
Winamp + MMD3
Max Messenger 9.2 Esp
Vista Games
New Control Panel evolved
DirectX 9.0c August 2008
Movie Maker 2.6
Windows SideBar
Mac Cursors
Vista RTMBoot Screen
Vista Loud Sound
Microsoft SilverLight
Internet Explorer 7 + and uDate Hotfix
WMP11 + Updates and Hotfix

MD-5: 6af640b30bdac80c21f12373e2e2bf4e
Размер: 1.93 Gb

Категория: Программы | Добавил: Graft89
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